About AI4SG Bootcamp

Artificial intelligence(AI) and Machine learning(ML) are the most transformative technology with high potential to yield long-term benefits and help achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). However Despite the potential of AI/ML, most developing countries including Tanzania face specific challenges in terms of skills, knowledge gaps and research capacity thus hampering any progress of utilizing the potential benefits. To adress this challenge parrotai, has organized an effective, time-efficient, and structured AI for Social Good(AI4SG) bootcamp. The AI4SG Bootcamp is a training program for youth interested in learning how to apply AI in solving real-world problems. The goal for AI4SG is to train Tanzanian youth to become experts in AI and ML and create awareness on how to use these technologies for social goods. This, in turn, will lead to a motivated and knowledgeable generation of AI practitioners with a strong foundation and passion for solving community challenges.

What you'll learn

The Bootcamp is designed to help participants grasp both theoretical and practical foundations of AI for social good with emphasis on how to ask the right question and formulate a learning problem. As part of theoretical and practical foundations, participants will learn quantitative critical thinking​ and key principles and techniques needed for data-science and machine learning life-cycle. These include the use of python programming for transforming, querying and analyzing data; implement and use machine learning algorithms (regression, classification and clustering) for inference, prediction and decision-making and principles behind creating informative data visualizations and exploratory data analysis. In addition, participants will be required to solve a particular Zindi challenge in order to apply the knowledge acquired.

Target Audience

In principle, A-level, undergraduates and graduate students, software developers, junior data scientists and researchers in the fields of statistics, machine learning and related fields will be typical profiles of participants. However, there are no formal prerequisites for participants in terms of academic degrees. Computer scientists who have interests in AI and Industry practitioners who desire a more in-depth understanding of these subjects are also encouraged to participate

Requirements and Prerequisites

No deep previous knowledge of AI is required, but the attendants are assumed to have at least some basic background on linear algebra, probabilities and basic programming skills. A review on basic concepts and an introduction to the necessary tools for implementation of lab work will be given in day one.


Sayansi Bulding, COSTECH, Dar es Salaam 4302, Tanzania

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